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Going Wider with the Fujifilm X100T and WCL-X70

Even though Fujifilm doesn't list it in the specifications, the new WCL-X70 wide angle converter made for the new X70 also works (with some caveats) on the X100T.

Mead Chapel, Middlebury College, VermontThe X100T with WCL-X70 Converter produces angle of view comparable to a 26mm lens in full frame 35mm format. 1/300 second, ƒ/8, ISO 200.

For those anxious to dive right into the samples, head over to my image delivery site to view and download full-resolution JPEGs. Images listed as 19mm in the EXIF were shot with the WCL-X70. Those listed as 23mm were shot with the native X100T lens unaltered.

I share Alton Brown's distaste for unitaskers, so when Fujifilm Australia mentioned in an Instagram post that the new WCL-X70 wide angle converter designed for the newly released X70 camera would also fit the X100T, I became interested. One converter for two cameras is too good to pass up. Unfortunately, my internet searches turned up no high-resolution sample images of this combination, so I had no idea how well it would perform.

Long story short, I ordered the adapter and made my own gallery for the benefit of all the other X100 users out there who may be interested in going a bit wider than the WCL-X100 wide angle converter.

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