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Meron Benti

Middlebury Magazine has just published my cover story featuring Meron Benti, an Ethiopian student who suffers from albinism, a rare genetic trait that dramatically reduces the body's ability to produce the pigment melanin. Her appearance drew unwanted attention on the streets in Ethiopia and difficulty in fitting in with the schools:

She doesn't remember her first day of kindergarten, or much of kindergarten at all. Of course, she wasn't privy to the fact that the school in her neighborhood didn't want to take her, that the teachers didn’t want to teach her, that she was thought to be incapable of learning in a "regular" classroom, and that the school administrators felt they had no way to accommodate "her differences."
She soon left Ethiopia to live with her brother in Italy, and later on, the United States. Head over to the Middlebury Magazine website to read more about Meron's struggle.

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Going Wider with the Fujifilm X100T and WCL-X70

Even though Fujifilm doesn't list it in the specifications, the new WCL-X70 wide angle converter made for the new X70 also works (with some caveats) on the X100T.

Mead Chapel, Middlebury College, VermontThe X100T with WCL-X70 Converter produces angle of view comparable to a 26mm lens in full frame 35mm format. 1/300 second, ƒ/8, ISO 200.

For those anxious to dive right into the samples, head over to my image delivery site to view and download full-resolution JPEGs. Images listed as 19mm in the EXIF were shot with the WCL-X70. Those listed as 23mm were shot with the native X100T lens unaltered.

I share Alton Brown's distaste for unitaskers, so when Fujifilm Australia mentioned in an Instagram post that the new WCL-X70 wide angle converter designed for the newly released X70 camera would also fit the X100T, I became interested. One converter for two cameras is too good to pass up. Unfortunately, my internet searches turned up no high-resolution sample images of this combination, so I had no idea how well it would perform.

Long story short, I ordered the adapter and made my own gallery for the benefit of all the other X100 users out there who may be interested in going a bit wider than the WCL-X100 wide angle converter.

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